In that moment of action, regardless of style, technique, or application in the martial arts there is only movement. The point in time when action takes over and there is only you and your training partner…

Welcome to the Movement in the Martial Arts web page!- located in Westchester, New York we are a martial arts study group dedicated to exploring the concepts of the martial arts in action as offered through a variety of interactive workshops and training sessions.

We seek to move beyond the concepts of martial style and technique, exploring how the mechanics of such concepts of distance, timing, rhythm and interaction work and can be used by the student. Our training workshops are designed to impart martial concepts based on where the student is on their own personal journey. If you are already committed to a style of practice let us offer you an alternative perspective, and advice on how to progress faster in your learning structure, and likewise if you are new to the arts let us help build a solid framework together to help push your forward and obtain your goals.  

Please feel free to browse some of the posted articles on the left to find out more about some of the martial principals in action, along with to receive further articles, and training updates & opportunities held throughout the year.

As always I welcome any comments and look forward to any questions that one might have along the way.